2018 Resolutions

Are you guys ready to talk about resolutions? It’s going to come up at some point if it hasn’t already so we might as well think it out. I don’t like making unreasonable resolutions. For me, those are the ones like losing weight and eating healthy and journaling. All good things but I make those goals on a monthly basis, depending on what else is going on in life. My resolutions are things that I will be able to plan out throughout the year. And if I do terrible one week, I just start again the next. They aren’t do or die things. So to pair with my personal goals for the year, here are my four resolutions for 2018:

Read: I know, this is always on my list. But reading is a goal what I never want to stop pursuing so I might as well keep it there, right? I read nine books last year which is four more than the year before! Baby steps.

Drink more water: I love sweet drinks. The coffee, the soda, the milkshakes. So this year, my goal is to drink more water because that’s a simple goal I can make for my health. I’ve started keeping a water tracker in my bullet journal to help motivate me!

Travel: This time last year, Dearest Carl and I were preparing to go to Iceland! And I discovered I really love experiencing new places with my husband. This year, I’m hoping we can take a couple trips together to places we’ve never been. But I’m also looking forward to visiting our stomping grounds like Lincoln State Park and our family in Chicago.

Bake: My friend gave me this cookbook for Christmas and it inspired me. This year I want to make a cake from this book every weekend. The purposes are threefold. One, I know I will learn a lot about baking from scratch. Two, to achieve this goal I will have to say no to other things, giving me a little time for self-care each week. Three, we will not eat 52 cakes ourselves this year. While we will keep a few, I also plan on sharing them with family, friends and anyone else who needs some sweetness in their life!

Now it’s your turn. What are some goals you are setting for this new year? Do you prefer the big radical life changing resolutions or the smaller simpler ones and why? What’s a resolution you were able to keep last year?

Image via Judy Schmidt

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