Frivolous Friday

Frivolous Friday

I know this is small talk stuff, but what about this weather? One minute it’s snowing and the next, we have to put away our coats. How was your week? Apparently a cold was passed around at our church Sunday because I came down Monday night with a sore throat and aches. It sounds like I’ve had the mild version but it was still a slower week than expected. I did get the necessary things done and I watched Viceroy’s House (Netflix) and Victoria and Abdul (Redbox). One beauty of being sick is that Dearest Carl has to let me watch what I want. Boom.

Do you have big plans this weekend? We absolutely do not and it’s really good. This homebody is looking forward to chill time with the husband and baking another cake. And we might just have to go on a walk and take advantage of this weather!

The curse will break

Open shelving rocks

Carnations to peonies

THIS hash!

Caring for cast iron

Meal planning idea

Winning at Instagram

New favorite

Have a good one!

Image via Lost in Wonderland

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