Resolutions Quarterly

Time for a resolutions update. This third month of the year, I can truly say I’m pretty satisfied with where I’m at concerning these goals! But as it often happens, I’m better at them knowing I’m going to be posting about my progress throughout the year. So while they may deteriorate as time goes on, I can take a trophy for this first quarter. You may remember, I have four resolutions this year. Here’s how I’m doing.

Read: I’m so proud of myself with this goal. As of today, I’ve read four books this year! One of them was tiny but it still counts. And I just finished one that was rather hard to read. So now I’ve got two new books on the stack, ready for spring evenings on the patio.

Drink More Water: You’ve heard it before. There’s good days and there’s bad days. But even when I have a day where all I’ve consumed is coffee, I haven’t given up! I tell myself that a bad day doesn’t make an excuse to quit trying. I’m up to at least one water bottle a day, sometimes two and I’ve noticed myself getting thirstier for WATER when I haven’t had any. *high-fives myself*

Travel: Fail. This winter we’ve gone nowhere. Between illness, house projects and finances, it just hasn’t been feasible. But that’s okay with me. Traveling in winter isn’t fun anyway. I’m really hoping that we’ll get a couple hiking trips in this spring!

Bake: You guys, I’m killing it in the kitchen. 10 cakes down, 42 to go. Quite a few of them I’ve been able to take to family birthday celebrations so that has been good motivation. It’s also varied from Friday to Sunday when I bake them, depending on what the weekends holds. But I’ve done it and I’ve made some cakes that have challenged, surprised and delighted me.

That’s a wrap for me. Thanks for being my accountability partner! How are you doing with your resolutions?

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