The Watkins At Home In March

We’re saying goodbye to March this week and I don’t think I mind. With the crazy weather, constant colds and general busyness, I’m ready for some real spring. But here’s how it went down at our house this month.


Still no finished bathroom but it’s coming along you guys! No pictures yet though. Dearest Carl is done with the spackling so we’re in the process of painting and we’ll be grouting the shower soon. All those things you can do while you listen to audio books.

In the meantime, being the wonderful husband he is, he helped me update our living room’s gallery wall this month! (Having plaster walls is a pain so I’m a little afraid to embark on those projects myself.) Also, I finally got some inspiration to decorate our house for spring (see bunny forest below). And I’m dying to get some spring cleaning in but I need some warm days that I can open windows. Come on Indy!


The cake baking is still going strong! We’re 12 cakes in now and I’ve had a few wrestling matches with that fluted tube pan above. But the seasoned bakers tell me that Crisco and flour is the key to cakes coming out clean so I’m going to try that next time. Anyway, I’m not sure I super loved any of the cakes I made this month. Lots of cocoa powder, lots of egg beating, lots of bowl washing. I’m glad I’m doing this for the experience as well as the cake eating cause it helps keep me to it. And believe it or not, I’m not tired of it yet!

Honestly cakes have been the main good thing coming out of my kitchen this month. I managed to make this simple chili the week I was sick and we ate on it for several days. So that’s kinda the way things have gone this month in the kitchen.


This month had some major highs and lows here. Dearest Carl caught another sniffling cold and then I came down with a really bad version that had me on the couch massaging my sinuses for a week. Also, there was Daylight Savings and snow in March should just be unacceptable.

In better news, we celebrated Dearest Carl’s 27th birthday at the beginning of the month with a three layer peanut butter cake and a houseful of friends and family playing xBox until late. We got to meet our newest niece who is just precious and my brother-in-law (Dearest Carl’s twin) got engaged! We had friends over for St. Patrick’s Day and ate Dublin Coddle with Irish Mules on the side.

Around the house, I’ve made the switch to iced coffee and have been making my own Cinnamon Almondmilk Macchiatos. It’s a lovely morning treat! I bought this book which I immediately sat down and read through. So many good tips and a great way to keep your home decor organized! If you read the blog last week, you know I’ve been listening to Jess Ray almost non stop. On the nightstand, I started reading The Living Room and The Year Of Small Things. I’m not as far as I’d like to be in either of them but when I’m sick, I just fall asleep if I try to read so that was a bump in my goal. Hoping I’ll be moving on by the end of April. All these nights that Dearest Carl has been working on the bathroom, I’ve been watching Father Brown. He’s just as lovable as Poirot in my opinion.

I think that’s about all I have to share this month. Send me all your house cleaning solutions for my April spring clean!

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