The Watkins At Home In August

Hello! Did you think I was gone for good? A little blog snafu this month gave me a forced hiatus where I found that I truly love blogging and I would sorely regret giving it up. I was also able to think long and hard about the future of my little space and what direction I’d like to pursue. It was good for both me and the blog I think. Now then. We’re going to say goodbye to August. You were so full and so fun and after everything, I think I’m ready to let you go.


No new projects to report this month. Dearest Carl cleaned out the office a little bit and we made a list of all those little house things that need to be fixed but we took a little break on the big stuff. However I did get to paint a bit! I took my watercolors on vacation and enjoyed painting by the lake and I also had my brother over for a little “wine and canvas” at my table and we had a nice time creating together. Sometimes productivity can wait.


This month had some good cakes in it! Above is the Italian Cream Cake that was wonderful. With toasted pecans and coconut throughout, it was lovely. Though the favorite cake of the month was the Lemon Almond Streamliner Cake. A delicious light almond cake with lemon custard on top. Perfectly sweet and light and tart and…. well perfect. It’s one of our very favorites and we will definitely be making it again.

Otherwise I’ve mainly been making leftovers. Spaghetti, ramen, chicken, whatever is in the fridge or freezer. But that’s what happens when you spend most of your grocery budget on your little guests.

Garden Update: My poor little garden. Since the temperatures have been so up and down this month, it’s not quite sure what to think. I’m about done with tomatoes and the strawberries have started up again. I’m pretty sure they would produce all year if the weather stayed cooler. So it’s kinda slim pickings here but since we were so busy this month, I’m okay with it.


Ahh August. Such a full and good month. We started things off with a trip to the State Fair with friends and ate plenty of fried fair food in the unusually cool evening air. Then we picked up our oldest niece and nephew from Chicago to stay with us for a week! We went to the zoo and the park, made funnel cakes and crunchy pbjs, watched Planet Earth and told stories. It was such a special week. Right after they left, we packed up and went with almost the whole Watkins family on our Lincoln State Park vaca for a week. Very late nights, lakeside games, junk food, reading, painting, hugs from all the nieces and nephews. Plus my Tennessee sister-in-law dyed my hair pastel pink and it was the best thing ever. It was such a fun vacation, even if such little sleep gave me a cold afterwards.

The rest of the month it was back to the grindstone. I didn’t get to watch my little niece as much as planned and now that she’s started with her nanny, I’m back to one day a week. I keep up with my work better that way anyway. My husband introduced me to the app Hootsuite this month and it’s given me fresh ideas and motivation for our church’s social media. I plan on using a day to learn how to manage it better in the near future.

In other news, I finished reading my book (The Kitchen House) and we watched The Way We Live Now. I went with my mom and sisters antiquing at our favorite place one rainy Saturday morning. We ate ice cream with our church family and hosted the first small group of the season. I rearranged some things in the house to give us a bar cart and maybe bought a couple pumpkins on the way. And I had my first PSL. Don’t worry, I’ve just been dipping my toes into Fall a little bit.

This summer was so so full of work and play and travel and family. I can’t wait to get our family album in the mail. Looking back on these summer months will be so golden. Now though, I’m ready for the transition into Fall. Soups and leaves and scarves and candles and coffee… Bring. It. On.

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