How To Prepare For Soup Season

Three cheers for soup season! If you’ve been following me long, you know it’s my favorite. Here at our house, we have soup for dinner every Monday night. I began the tradition back when we were first married and it just stuck. So October through March, every Monday, the soup pot comes out, the chopping boards get filled and the kitchen steams up. It’s a great way to help you look forward to Monday and fill your fridge with yummy leftovers. Over the years, I’ve gathered a few tricks to help me prepare for soup season. If you’re in the soup making clan too, you’ll want to take a look at these ideas, sorted by storage.


  • Do you have a basket in your house going unused? Fill it with potatoes and onions and put it in your pantry. It’s always nice to have those on hand since so many soups require them.
  • Time to organize the spice cabinet. Make note of which spices are running low and if there are any you’d like to add to your stash.
  • Two words: bouillon cubes. You can get these babies in chicken and beef and they’re a lifesaver so you aren’t buying stock every week.
  • One bag of egg noodles will basically last you all winter.
  • Keep some Bisquick mix on hand so you can whip up Chicken and Dumplings or even just simple biscuits.
  • BONUS: Put your crock pots on a low shelf to easy access. Trust me, it’s a pain to be climbing a ladder for them every Monday.


  • Do you often cook a whole chicken? Throw the bones in the crock pot with salt and water overnight to make chicken stock for your freezer. It’s the best thing to pull out for soup in the dead of winter! (Do this with turkey too!)
  • Make a big pot of creamy soup? Don’t be afraid to put leftovers in the freezer in single serving bags. Easy lunch when you’re ready to eat that tomato soup again.
  • Stock up on frozen chopped veggies to make soup prep even easier on busy weeknights.
  • Add a roll of sausage to your freezer. You never know when you will need Zuppa Toscana.

Ready for the most important soup season tip? Pinterest. There are SO MANY delicious soup recipes out there and while we do make our favorites a couple times (shared above), it’s fun to try some new combinations. This year I have an immersion blender in my armory so I’m stoked for all the creamy concoctions that will be coming out of my soup pot. Get ready Soup Season, we’re comin’ for ya!

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