Fall Self-Care For The Busy and Broke

It’s kind of amazing how Fall can almost be self-care in and of itself. The fresh frosty air, the golden sunshine, the bright leaves, all inviting us to breathe deep and full. Last year, Dearest Carl and I were packed with commitments from October through the New Year. I kid you not, there was something every day on my calendar for three months. The exhaustion was tangible. But this year we have some breathing room and I’m looking forward to bonfires on the patio and gingery cocktails and weekends at home together. Whether you’re searching for margin or enjoying some space, here’s a few things to help you grasp the Autumn season while giving yourself some love.

  • Put together a cold weather capsule wardrobe with what’s in your closet.
  • Make a homemade PSL.
  • Paint your nails red.
  • Try a Fall blend in the diffuser.
  • Ride your bike down a country road.
  • Get Harry Potter from the library and take your time watching it.
  • Try an Instagram Gratitude Challenge.
  • Have a bonfire on a weeknight.
  • Stitch a Fall phrase on a pillow cover.
  • Get some caramel and apples at the grocery.
  • Open the windows.
  • Read Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen.
Image via Sylvia Tribel

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