The Watkins At Home In October

How is October over already? This month just flew right over my head. Probably because of all the work and stress it contained. Oh well. I’ll just have to enjoy November extra well. Here’s how it went.


Honestly it’s been kinda quiet on the project front over here. Dearest Carl spent his month working on a friends’ car mostly. We did get the pergola sealed (still don’t have a good picture for you…) and we made a giant pumpkin sign for our church’s Trunk or Treat. I guess we’ve both been a little tired of projects. But I’m ready to dive into the 2018 Office Organizing Adventure next month!


This month, Dearest Carl and I tried the Ketogenic diet for 14 days. That’s probably where the month went for me. I spent a ton of time in the kitchen. I’ll recap in a post later this week but our favorite Keto recipe was definitely the Fathead Pizza.

Of course Keto doesn’t stop the cake challenge! I made the Lazy Daisy Oatmeal Cake (similar) above which our small group said was easily top five cakes… though I couldn’t tell you cause Keto. Otherwise we really ate a lot of meat and cheese this month. Again, Keto. Come back Thursday for the full lowdown on that.


I have been love love loving the weather lately! I’ve finally got to wear sweaters and boots and while we’re snuggling up under blankets at home, waiting until November to turn on the heat, I really can’t complain.

On the nightstand this month is Caroline and Chasing Slow. To be honest I haven’t done much reading this month but they’re both good so far and I’m looking forward to many candlelit nights to come, reading in my coziest socks. Have you ever heard of Hooplah? It’s a program that you connect to with your library card and you can rent a certain number of audiobooks, movies and other things through your computer or phone. With all the extra time in the kitchen I’ve been using their app to listen to this book while I cook lately. I have to say this is my new favorite thing. Cooking or doing chores, it motivates me a little more knowing I get to hear more of this book! On the TV, we just finished watching through the Harry Potter series. Always a fun Fall flick to go with Sunday night pizza. I’m also watching the new season of Doctor Who. Yes, the one with the lady Doctor. You guys, it’s good. Much more so than I anticipated.

Other things. The only traveling we did this month was to a wedding on the other side of town, all dressed up in my red lipstick and LBD. I’ve had lots of girl time this month over coffee, champagne, nails, movies, antiques and just general fun, which has been so good for my soul. We had a bonfire with our small group on evening when it was still one hundred degrees. We went to see a friend’s comedy show. Tomorrow evening we’re dressing up as Cinderella and Prince Charming to participate in our church’s Trunk or Treat. I’m a little stoked about our trunk!

Even though it was crammed with events and details and planning and all the things, it was a good month. I kinda wish I had one more week of October but I’ll live and I’ll make November the coziest yet.

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