Frivolous Friday

Frivolous Friday

What a week! We burned the candle at both ends and drank all the coffee to complete everything but it was so good. There was chicken alfredo with friends around our table. There was a castle made from foam board for our church’s wildly successful Trunk or Treat. There was a date night with red lips and waffle fries and holding hands at the movies. There was last second vacuuming and late night dish washing. There was frenzied writing and sick baby snuggles. Really it’s rather incredible how much we did this week. I’m so glad to see Friday!

Tonight we’re having dinner with our small group and I’m taking this delicious dessert. Tomorrow we’re doing a little yard and garden cleanup before the time change and celebrating my sister’s birthday. And Sunday holds a long leisurely day of cake and video games and ginger beer cocktails. The kind of weekends I love the best. What are you up to?

I wanna go where you are

These in pink

Time to simplify

Soup pot deliciousness

Anthro on a budget

Best kitchen reno

Must stay out of Target

Have a good one!

Image via Swan Princess

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