Best Drugstore Lipstick For The Holidays

Does anyone else forgo lipstick during the holidays because it’s just too hard to maintain? When you’re so busy at that family event, it’s just not feasible. Apply in the morning before you go to the event. Apply after kissing all your baby nephews and nieces. Apply after lunch. Apply before the family picture. Apply after dinner. And there is still no lipstick to take off your lips when you wash your face before bed. It’s kinda ridiculous. As a lipstick lover myself, I’ve tried quite a few different brands and kinds. Super shiny, super matte, and nothing has works so well as SuperStay!

Seriously lipstick loving ladies, I’m about to introduce you to your new bestie. Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink is color as long as you want it. I have two shades and when I want color all day, I usually only have to reapply once! One time instead of 10! You have the freedom to eat, drink and kiss babies all you like! Plus, unlike LipSense, a stick of this magic stuff is $8 or under. All day color for drugstore prices? Heck yes.

In case you’re wondering, these are the two colors above. Lover is a dusky pink, not too dark but not too light either. Just enough to give you lips in photos. Pioneer is a deeper red. Definitely not the popping red you might look for but beautiful for the holidays.

This is not a promotional post. I’m not getting free stuff for my review. I just wanted to share this lipstick because it’s changed my style game and I hope it can carry you through the holidays too!

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