Frivolous Friday

Frivolous Friday

Happy Friday! How was everyone’s week? Mine was just lovely. We had a date night with Italian food and Fantastic Beasts, I got all my Christmas letters printed and enveloped and I had a great day with my baby niece. Everything was cozy and productive but slow enough to breathe. Exactly the kind of week you want during December. Also, can we talk about velvet for a sec? It’s having a moment and I’m seeing it in every holiday look. In particular, Princess Kate wore a simple black velvet bow in a ponytail last week and it’s exploded. I’m diggin’ it! Must get to JoAnn Fabrics for ribbon! What are your thoughts on velvet?

What’s on your calendar this weekend? We’re hosting our church’s Staff Christmas Dinner tonight and I’ve got this cake made for dessert. And I’m gonna wear those velvet heels. Tomorrow we get to celebrate my little sister’s birthday (shoutout to my niece turning two tomorrow!) and Sunday we’re blissfully home after church. Cake baking, Christmas movie viewing, eggnog drinking. It’s going to be such a good weekend.

Merry Christmas Darling

Imperfect hospitality

Gorgeous farmhouse

Perfect stocking stuffer

SO much fun!

This sounds delish

In case you missed it

Have a good one!

Image via Kate Considers

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