The Watkins At Home In February

Where on earth did February go? It seemed like it was a whirl of activity and bad weather. We did plenty of things but also caught colds that made us slow down. In all in was a good month!


Another month and not really any house projects worked on. We’re still saying yes to other things and still too tired in our free time to work on our own home. But I’ve been planning for parties and weddings and gardens in the meantime. There is certainly plenty to plan for!


We ate gooooood this month, you guys! The picture above is our cheese plate for Valentines Day and it was the best thing ever. You remember Dearest Carl bought me an Instant Pot for Christmas? Well I’ve been getting to know her this month and we’re going to have a wonderful relationship. I’ve made a couple different things and I love how easy she makes it! And delicious! Also, I made these cookies (not in the Instant Pot, lol) for Dearest Carl to take with him on our church’s men’s retreat and they were a hit! And they made a TON! Like three cookie jars worth!


Like I said, a lot happened this month. I turned 27 and received lots of books for my birthday. I got to celebrate with almost every member of my family which meant tons of delicious food and games. Dearest Carl and I spend a couple Saturday mornings helping with a church project, painting and installing lights and blinds. I hung out a lot with my girlfriends which included shopping, coffee, coloring, wine and video games. Yeah, there was a lot on the calendar.

Currently, I’m listening to Hazel Gaynor novels on Hoopla. Her stories are so sweet and enthralling! I didn’t get to reading much but Dearest Carl and I watched Les Miserables and the new season of The Dragon Prince. Weird mix, I know. I’m wearing this nail polish and this perfume.

With all the gray and rainy days, I’m seriously dreaming of spring. But in Indy, we all know that March probably won’t give us the sunshine we crave. So here’s to making March just as cozy as the rest of the winter has been!

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