Five Years of Home

It’s hard to believe but we have lived in our house for 5 years this month! Time really flies! Day to day I’m tempted to look at the uncompleted projects and lists but when I look at our house as a whole, we have done so much here! To celebrate, I wanted to take you on a little walk down memory lane and reminisce our projects and milestones.

2014, we’d been married about a year and a half, house hunting since our first anniversary. We’d had a couple disappointments so when we went to look at this house in New Pal, I was low and not even trying to picture us living here. But God had different ideas and we moved in the first of April! We spent the year making her feel like home by hanging curtains and blinds, getting all our boxed belongings into place and bringing home Charlie. Dearest Carl jumped right into the dining room project which entailed tons of spackling, painting and installing crown molding. And we bought our lovely tall Christmas tree, completing the feeling of home.

2015, looooots of house projects, looooooots of hosting. This year we dug out a bunch of the backyard to create a patio and Dearest Carl remodeled the downstairs bathroom, bravely letting me paint it navy. There was also a big work day where several friends and siblings helped us paint almost the whole upstairs and tackle some dead bushes outdoors. We hosted Easter dinner with my family, Mother’s Day dinner with BOTH families, bonfire nights, Halloween pumpkin carving and lots of other things. We really used all the square footage we were given.

2016, the year of the massive remodel. Because we didn’t like the way our living room was split into two rooms (classic old house style), we went all Fixer Upper and tore out the wall. In the process we discovered we had to tear out the upstairs bathroom as well. For a year, we lived in the kitchen, dining room (made living room) and bedroom. And we still managed to have a few friends for dinner and Bible study. Dearest Carl refinished the living room floor right after Thanksgiving and I promptly put up our tree and revelled in our new amazing living room.

2017 was kind of a gap year. We went to Iceland, Dearest Carl puttered away on the upstairs bathroom, we built raised beds and planted a garden and we bought our first adult piece of furniture (that white sofa). No great big projects were completed but with a busy enough calendar it didn’t matter too much.

2018! Soooo much good stuff happened here. Dearest Carl finished the upstairs bathroom and built the pergola over the patio. I painted the kitchen and replaced a cabinet for open shelving. And I conquered the gallery wall above our sofa. We also started hosting weekly Monday night Bible Study, another Mother’s Day celebration, weekends with out-of-town family and had our niece and nephew to stay for a week. Definitely a year for the books.

We have had so much laughter and joy in our home and we are blessed to be able to share this space with our family and friends. This year we are looking forward to hosting many more gatherings, updating our office and expanding our garden. And this year, I will plant daffodils. Cheers to five years!

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  1. Such lovely memories=)

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