3 Things To Prep Before Vacation

Raise your hand if you have a vacation planned for the summer! *raises hand* I’m so excited I can’t stand it! Dearest Carl and I get to spend a whole week of Florida, visiting a few friends and then spending a few blissful days just the two of us, going out on the town or staying in, whatever we want! I can’t wait.

Already I’m thinking about prepping. The planning, the purchases, the preparations. And before we go on vacation, there are always three things I do, other than organizing the cat/house sitter. Just in case you needed help for prepping for vacation, here are my things.

One: Mow the yard. It’s the worst getting home and the grass is screaming at you for a haircut. You’ll be glad you put the effort in beforehand.

Two: Prep the house. For me, that means a light clean and a heavy declutter. Declutter countertops and coffee table, clean bathrooms and floors. Make the bed and you’re good to go.

Three: Fill the freezer. After getting home from vacation, I often experience decision fatigue and I just want to stay home instead of going out someplace for dinner. But if there is a frozen pizza to eat then you have no problems.

I hope these help you with your vacation prep! No deep cleaning required!

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