Frivolous Friday


Phew, is it Friday now? I’ve been so mixed up all week. This past week was jam packed… I mean seriously jam packed. I have a bout of stress acne from this last week! Dearest Carl worked hard to get his car project finished up. We had a nephew and two nieces stay for about a day and a half and made strawberry milkshakes and fed the squirrels at the park. Our first small group study for the Fall started Wednesday. I had the girls over for a bit and Dearest Carl had worship practice. This weekend we’re prepping to leave for family vacation next week (packing, mowing, cleaning out the fridge, etc.). See what I mean? So while I’m out next week, have a good one yourself!

Cutest studio

Upgraded BLT salad

Prettiest temporary tattoos

Do you pickle?

Slowing down dreams

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  1. I love that kitchen…moody yet full of homey vibes=) hope you enjoy your vacation and that it’s very restful!

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