Introvert Care

We got back this past week from a lovely vacation. Almost all of my in-laws (plus girlfriends) shared a house for a whole week. 22 people in all! It was loud and busy and kinda exhausting but so fun. However it made me think hard about self care for the introvert.

If you’re an introvert, you know how being with big groups for extended periods of time can drain you. Maybe you get really quiet, retreating inside yourself. Maybe you get cranky and irritable. *raises hand* And when you’re in a house with 21 other people for a week, you have to get creative because inevitably you won’t get much alone time . Here are a few ways you can refuel your introvert tank when you don’t have a lot of time or space to do so.

  • Bring your crafting supplies. Most afternoons people were busy, out shopping or at the beach, which left the meal table free and empty and I could paint to my heart’s content. Put your earbuds in and do some crafting in this space.
  • Bring a book. One reason I carry a purse that can fit a book in it. Whether it’s game night that got really overwhelming or vacation, find a corner and read a chapter.
  • Go for a walk. When there are lots of people around, it’s usually pretty easy for us to slip away unnoticed for a while. Just go down to the end of the street and back for a little breather. Nature helps!
  • Watch a show. Yeah, on a screen. Especially when you’re on vacation and you can do what you want, break out the good ol’ Friends for 20 minutes of solitude and peace.
  • Go to bed early. It might seem like the party-pooper thing to do, but when you’re running on empty, there’s nothing like slipping under the sheets (with your book!) while everyone else is still playing their strategy game.
  • Paint your nails. It only takes a few minutes and as long as you’re holed up somewhere that your little niece can’t find you, you’ll appreciate the quiet moment and a new shade.
  • Leave. Is there a bookstore in town? Or a candle shop? Grab a car and spend a few hours jaunting around by yourself, coffee in hand. Let me tell you, nothing will refresh you like this will. Take your time!

So whether you’re planning a family vacation or a weekend away with friends, grab one of these ideas to help you care for your introvert self a little better on the trip.

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