Things I’ve Made With Tomatoes

There is something so wonderful about high tomato season. Going out almost every day and filling your basket with sun warmed red orbs of deliciousness. You can bake them, mash them, stick them in a stew or eat them straight off of the vine. This year I planted two tomato plants and we’ve been eating them almost every meal, trying to keep up. I’ve also had the chance to cook a few recipes with them and I just have to share them. So get your farmers market bag ready because you’ll want to make these this weekend.

Parmesan Roasted Tomatoes – Such an easy side dish to make and would pair perfectly with anything grilled. Be prepared to eat them all though because they don’t reheat well.

Fresh Tomato Soup – What do you do when you have 20 tomatoes sitting on your counter the day before you go on vacation? You make tomato soup. We had some for dinner and I stashed the rest in the freezer. And guys, it’s the best tomato soup ever.

Veggie Heaped Hummus – Last week I heaped tomatoes and cucumbers on Aldi’s garlic hummus and my life hasn’t been the same. It’s the freshest, summeriest, easiest dinner ever. We’re eating it again this week.

Tomato Tart Pizza Thing – So this one I whipped up one Sunday afternoon to make something with tomatoes other than the classic tomato sandwich. Top a pizza crust with thinly sliced fresh tomatoes, shredded cheese and Everything Seasoning. Boom.

Your turn! What are you making with tomatoes this summer?

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