Quick Costume Ideas for Adults

Do you do anything for Halloween? When I was a kid, we would pull out the dress up box for costumes, say hi to the grandparents and spend the rest of the evening running around our church’s fall festival. Since becoming an adult, we’ve not had any traditions for Halloween. Being childless means you’re free to host parties or hide away, whatever you choose. We’ve done all of the above. But without a doubt, Halloween always sneaks up on me. If you’re thinking “Oh gosh. Halloween is in two days and I have nothing to wear. ” I beg to differ. All you need is some inspiration to look the part for your Halloween party or church event or trick or treat tripping with your kids! Here’s some ideas using things you might already have in your closet.

  • Spy: Trench coat + magnifying glass
  • Princess: Formal dress + plastic dollar store tiara
  • Nurse: white pants + white shirt + clipboard
  • Carmen Sandiego: red coat + globe + floppy hat
  • M&M: Solid colored shirt + white paper M on the front
  • Girlscout: khaki outfit + green bandana
  • Leslie Knope: suit + printed out “Vote for Leslie” sticker
  • Leopard: leopard print shirt or dress + black paper ears taped on a headband
  • Police Officer: navy outfit + printed out badge pinned on your sleeve
  • Ghostbuster: jumpsuit + nerf gun
  • Rosie Riveter: denim outfit + red bandana/headband + red lipstick
  • Jedi: bathrobe + lightsaber
  • Medusa: white dress + play snakes in your hair

What are we doing on Halloween? This year we’re helping again at our church’s Trunk or Treat. Which means my Cinderella dress gets to come out and play! I’m ready!

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