7 Extra Seating Ideas for The Holidays

Do you host any holiday parties? We have had our turn at hosting for Christmas work parties, Friendsgiving and cookie decorating, not to mention our annual New Year’s Eve celebration! When you have a house full of people, you have to get creative with your seating solutions. Or maybe you have a million chairs around your dining room table… but I don’t. Basically, if there is a place for a guest to sit that isn’t on the floor, they can hold their plate and eat your holiday fare in peace. Here are seven ideas for extra seating when you’ve run out of chairs.

  • Poufs: They can slide under a table or in a chest for storage when not in use and when you need them, pull them out and let the kids sit on them around the coffee table to eat their turkey.
  • Ottomans: Similar to the poufs above, ottomans have more structure to them so even teens and adults won’t mind sitting on them. Plus they can act as storage for extra pillows and blankets in your living room.
  • Bar Stools: Even if no one can sit at your counter for all the plates of food, pull out the stools so they can sit on them in the living room.
  • Milk Cans: I’ll never forget a friend telling me of her fond childhood memories of sitting on milk cans around her grandma’s dining room table. It’s genius and totally farmhouse.
  • Vintage Folding Chairs: If you have a slow Saturday morning, go thrifting for the wooden vintage folding chairs. They look great at the table and can easily be tucked away when everyone has gone home.
  • Piano Bench: Both my family and my in-laws have been using this trick for years. A piano bench will indeed fit two people. It’s cozy but it’s a seat!
  • Outdoor Seats: Brush off the leaves and cobwebs and bring your metal or plastic outdoor seating inside. Or if you live in a warm state, you can encourage people to sit on the patio!

What parties are you looking forward to this holiday season? Do you have any fun seating solutions that I missed?

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