Frivolous Friday

Frivolous Friday


What a week! Suddenly we went from scarf wearing leaf kicking autumn to bundled up freezing nose winter. In a matter of a day! Though I can’t say I’m complaining. I got to the grocery before it dumped and while it snowed, we ate ramen and watched the last Harry Potter movie and it was perfectly cozy. I’ve also been simmering essential oils on the stove and cracking out lots of work things while Dearest Carl works on the floor. No, we’re still not done with it. Classic house project taking longer than you think. But this weekend we’re hosting Friendsgiving! I’m making turkey and potatoes and this bruleed pumpkin pie. Pulling out aaaaallllllll the stops. Is it Sunday yet?

Beautiful cottage

Softest scarf

For the pot

Have more fun

Cozy season

Have a good one!

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