The Watkins At Home In November

Here I sit again, writing another At Home post. Didn’t I just do this? As I said before, this month was so full. So I have all the updates obviously. Buckle up!


Since the calendar has been so full, we’ve been struggling around here to get everything done. Plus we had that round of beautiful November snow that set me back a little bit. Our house has been in complete disarray with the flooring project and I’ve been struggling to keep surfaces clear. That’s about all I can do until everything is moved back. Just last week we finally had a decent day so I could work outside a little. I cleaned up the front porch and the patio for winter and put my poor neglected garden to bed. It made me feel more prepared for the season ahead. Dearest Carl is wrapping up the flooring project and once everything is moved back, we can breathe a little bit. I’m ready for things to be back in their places.


Much of my cooking this month has been for other people. I made cheesecake for my sister-in-law’s baby shower, took housewarming food to some friends, made a turkey for Friendsgiving and I’m in charge of the broccoli salad for Thursday’s feast. I feel like Dearest Carl and I have been living on frozen pizza, grilled cheese and canned clam chowder. Oh and leftover turkey. Ha. The coffee above is from my brother’s work, Kaffeine Coffee. He does a good job.


I guess I’ll just start at the beginning of the month. The first few days, I went with some girlfriend’s on a weekend trip where I got my hair cut and bought jeans and played my Switch and laughed and talked and felt young and lighthearted and fun again. I took my little sister to dinner for her birthday, attended a baby shower and a wedding, planned a cheese plate for date night and met multiple friends for coffee. I’m still on the same book but I finished Gilmore Girls and I watch the new season of The Crown (which was magnificent). I also introduced Dearest Carl to Dr. Dolittle! It was one of my family favorites and I couldn’t believe he’d never seen it! We also saw Ford vs. Ferrari in theaters for a date night. And we’ve been hosting Supper Club on Sunday evenings where a few friends come over and we have dinner and really just hang out. It’s a soul filling thing.

Looking at the end of the year makes me reflective. Especially getting ready to embark on another baby-less holiday season. My heart and soul are tired. I’m dreading some of the Christmas things that happen every year. And I’m trying to figure out how to navigate with grace and strength and wisdom. But I’m also looking forward to watching Christmas movies while we snuggle with the cat and listening to Christmas music and going to A Christmas Carol at the theater! Come at me December!

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