The Watkins At Home In December

Honestly, December was kinda a weird month. Physically and emotionally I just felt off. But good things happened anyway so here’s how this month went.


At the start of the month, I did all my online shopping and promptly got a nasty cold. So we both spent the better part of a week making simple soups and doing a Christmas puzzle. Otherwise, we didn’t do much in the ways of crafting or project-ing this month.


Somehow I did all the cooking this month and we still have no leftovers. The scones above were a big hit at our church’s women’s Christmas tea. I made a cheesecake for our church’s Staff Dinner. I made dark chocolate peppermint fudge and chocolate covered candied orange peels for all the neighbors. And the usual Christmas morning breakfast of Cinnamon Roll Bake with eggs and sausage on the side. We have so many sweets in the house, it’s ridiculous.


This December, we didn’t get to all the things we usually do. Advent went by the wayside. Elf was left unwatched. We didn’t even take time to drive around and see the Christmas lights. I just didn’t feel like it so I didn’t push or plan for it and it didn’t happen. However, we did go to see A Christmas Carol on stage for the first time, which was probably my favorite thing, and we walked around the Christmas-ified circle downtown. I went to the movies three times (Cats, Star Wars and Jumanji 2) and decorated cookies with some girls. We snacked and snacked and snacked. And then it was Christmas and Dearest Carl gave me a beautiful blue stand mixer and we exchanged gifts with my parents and I met my cousin’s adorable adopted twins. So while I can’t really boast about being in a funk through it all, I was but we’re through it now.

Now we’re looking on 2020. A new month, a new year, a new decade. I’m hopeful that the upcoming year will be full of clear direction, growth and adventure. Not just busyness for its own sake.

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