Things To Do At Home With Kids

Social distancing: staying away from people to help stop or slow down the spread of an infectious disease. If you have kids, they’re probably home with you for two weeks or more. As for myself, I don’t have kids yet but I’ve watched so many kids over the years that I have a well stocked arsenal of ideas to keep kids busy. Some of them are free, most of them are cheap, all of them are fun! So before you start pulling your hair out, check out these ideas to keep your kiddos happy and creative.

For the Toddlers

  • Put a bag of rice in a flat container for sensory play with measuring cups and spoons.
  • String cheerios on pipe cleaners.
  • Make playdough.
  • Construct a fort with blankets, pillows and a mattress.
  • Collect things outside to make a nature paintbrush to paint with.
  • Make “sculptures” with toothpicks and grapes/blueberries/gumdrops/etc.
  • Create fun costumes from things you already have around the house.
  • Let them “wash the dishes” in a soapy sink.
  • Order a disco light and have a dance party in the dark.
  • Have a toy car wash outside.
  • Call the grandparents.
  • Build towers with cans and boxes from the pantry.
  • Craft something with paper plates.
  • Have a tea party with real cookies or goldfish.
  • Play doctor with a baby doll, real bandaids, gloves, cotton balls, etc.
  • Draw faces on wooden spoons and have a puppet show.
  • Go on a color hunt and collect things around the house in a basket that are blue or yellow or whatever color you pick.
  • Make a car out of a cardboard box and go to the “drive in” in front of your TV.
  • Print out coloring pages of their favorite fictional character.
  • Play hide and seek!
  • Sort things in a muffin tin like mini pom poms, fruit, legos.
  • Go for a walk and look for bugs.
  • Make a zoo with all the stuffed animals.
  • Let them help you do chores like clean the windows, fold laundry or dust.
  • Make a potato stamp to paint with.
  • Fill balloons with things like sand, rice or beans to make sensory squishy balls.
  • Wrap books in wrapping paper that they can open each night at bedtime.

For the Older Ones

  • Work on tangrams or a puzzle.
  • Make some muffins or cookies and play Ding Dong Dash with the neighbors, leaving a treat on their porch.
  • Have a campfire.
  • Reread some favorite books.
  • Go for a walk at the park or down your street and pick up trash on your way.
  • Cut pictures out of old magazines and glue them on a drawn head or tree or whatever.
  • Make a Q-tip Weaving Loom.
  • Get some white tennis shoes delivered and use fabric markers to decorate them for spring.
  • Print out paper dolls on cardstock that they can cut and color.
  • Write letters to send to family and friends.
  • Make homemade treats for your pet.
  • Use streamers to make a laser maze in a room or hallway.
  • Paint happy rocks and put them around your neighborhood for people to find.
  • Play What’s In The Bag.
  • Make a Bob Ross video where you take turns being Bob Ross.
  • Sumo wrestle by putting on one of dad’s t-shirts and stuffing it with pillows.
  • Start a nature journal.
  • Play an old classic game like Monopoly, Twister or Scrabble.
  • Practice making shadow puppets.
  • Go to the movies from your couch and rent something on Amazon while you snack on popcorn and candy.
  • Let them cook a meal.
  • Grab some snacks, go on a drive and play this scavenger hunt game.
  • Find some science projects on Pinterest that you have everything for already.
  • Learn to arm knit a scarf.
  • Dye hard boiled eggs using vegetables.

Okay! Now you’re super prepared for the next few weeks. Good luck and may the glow sticks be with you!!

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