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Let’s give everyone a health and fertility update shall we? This past March marked one year since this happened. We’d had a long break and we were ready to try something different. So we decided to go see a homeopathic practitioner and we picked a lady recommended by a friend. Basically, she reads the electrical signals in your body and then you receive jugs of water in the mail with special frequencies to detox your body of chemicals, toxins, parasites, etc. One gallon a day for however long your detox is. We started with Dearest Carl in March and here’s where we are after our appointment yesterday.

Dearest Carl is 90% balanced! Huzzah! One more detox of 4 jugs (down from 12) and we think he’ll be good to go. He says he hasn’t noticed any symptoms and has been so good about taking the vitamins and water recommended.

Yesterday was my second appointment and I’ll be started on my second round of detox soon. Apparently I’m extremely sensitive to EMF so we’re looking into stickers and bracelets to help with that, but EMF has actually affected my hormones and fertility. Also, our practitioner said she was able to see details that she isn’t normally able to see after a first detox round so we’re all chalking that up to all the prayer that’s been covering us for years. As for my symptoms, I’ve dealt with so many less headaches since my detox in August and I’ve felt more energetic, motivated and CREATIVE! I started blogging again…. and I started making TikToks…. and I made an autumn bunting out of scrapbook paper for the living room mirror…. It feels so good to desire to do these things again!

Overall, I feel like we’re on the right path with this. Even if this piece of the journey doesn’t end in a baby, it feels so good to be doing something that will serve our bodies better going forward. I feel physically and emotionally more healthy than I have in a long time and all I can say is thank you Jesus!! And Pam. 😉

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  1. Rebecca

    That’s amazing news Casey! As you say, improving your health is always a good thing, and it must be mentally heartening to regain some control over this otherwise opaque area of life. I’ve also heard great things about acupuncture (one of the local IVF clinics even offers it in-house) but could never get past my fear of needles to try! 😛

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