Some Favorite Small Shops

Are you shopping for Christmas yet? I’m almost done. But it kinda helps that we do Christmas with the in-laws over Thanksgiving weekend so it gets me thinking about it early. Also, seeing how 2020 has been a real trip, it’s just pleasant to think about Christmas and twinkly lights instead of some of this real world stuff. So, let’s think about gifting this week! Today, I wanted to share a few small shops that I love. In case you wanted to support something other than Amazon this gifting season.

Garden24 – Poetry, prints, apparel, it’s all beautiful and speaks straight to the heart.

Seeded Hope – Beautiful jewelry for the lady who has gone through hard things.

Well Watered Women – Lovely Bible studies as well as pretty faith bearing products for your home and body.

Zoid Gallery – Fun tiny art by my brother-in-law.

Emily Jeffords – My favorite landscape artist of all time.

Watkins Wand Co. – Only the most beautiful wands made by my very own Dearest Carl!

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