On Routines

We’re a week and a half into the 2021! How are your resolutions going? I didn’t really make any conscious resolutions or choose a word but if I had a word, it would be “intentional”. For quite a while, things have felt a little bit aimless for me. Taking on too much and then not having enough energy for intentional decisions and management. So with a new year, I’m focusing on smaller steps closer to home.

Morning Routines: Each morning I already begin by washing and moisturizing my face and then I take my supplements, drink some water and put a blend in my essential oil diffuser. I’ve gotten away from my morning devotions so I want to pick that back up and then do my 15 minute morning yoga video (or go for a walk when the weather gets warmer).

Home Routines: A few months ago, I made a housekeeping schedule to help keep myself on track. I hate cleaning but I do love the way our house feels tidier and cozier when I do keep up with it! This year I’m back to bullet journaling (more on that later this month) so I’ve incorporated the schedule into that and as a whole, it makes it easy to keep track of chores, events, what meat needs to be thawed for dinner and how many oz of water I’ve had. I’m also enjoying the creativity it affords with stickers and washi tape! So pretty to look at. Also, I’m attempting to incorporate a 3:00 “tea time” into the days I’m at home. So far, I’m in love. A slice of buttered toast and a hot drink (usually coffee) are the perfect pick-me-up when I’ve been busy all morning and hit those afternoon hours.

Nightly Routines: I feel like nights are harder for me/us. Dearest Carl is a night owl so he will often get home from work and start a project after we eat or suggest a movie at 9pm. But I’d like to start going to bed a little earlier myself! I’ve had my face care routine for years so really I’d just like to read a little bit before going to sleep. But we’ll see how that goes. haha

In general, I have goals like drinking more water, reading more, writing more and getting up earlier. But I’ve been working really hard on being easier on myself which means grace for the days we slept in or the days I did something else instead of chores. As a whole, I’m excited about these changes for 2021 and how they’ll help me to be healthier overall… and how that will extend to the people I love!

Are you making any changes this year, big or small? Did you pick a word?

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