Returning To The Bullet Journal

If you read my post on routines, you’ll remember I mentioned that I’m back to bullet journaling. I gave it up two years ago when I lost time and patience to put together my pages. However the past few months have been a fresh wind of creativity and motivation. So I decided this year, instead of paying $20 or more on a planner, I’d start bullet journaling again.

An $8 dotted notebook from Walmart, this pretty sticker book and some new washi tape later and I’m ready to go. I still have to get back into the routine of it and I think I need to go back to a monthly sit down to put it all together instead of weekly. But I’m enjoying the moment it gives me to breathe.

My weekly spread looks pretty much like a planner, with each day having its own box. In each day, I have my two do list, our dinner menu and my record for hours of sleep, oz of water drunk and my mood tracker throughout the day. I also have a headache tracker and an extra box for recording good things that happen during the week like fresh cookies and hugs from my niece. I plan on adding a “Currently” page at the end of the month with notes that sum things up (what we watched, what I baked, what I’m diffusing, etc.). It’s fun to look back on those later.

I’m excited about this outlet to create as well as using my journal as a tool for better homemaking and habits! It’s gonna be a good year.

Do you bullet journal? What’s your favorite page format?

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