What Enneagram Twos Want For Valentines Day

Hey, my name is Casey and I’m an enneagram two. For those who don’t do the enneagram, I’m a helper. I basically live to be loved and needed. Birthdays are my jam. Christmas gifts planned through 2025. If you need help, I’m there. It comes with pitfalls though. Holidays and birthdays can be a big disappointment for me if I don’t get my expectations under serious control. So Valentine’s Day is coming up. Sure, you can get your enneagram two the classic flowers and chocolates. But what we really want is to know that you see us, you hear us and you love us. Here are some ideas to help you find the perfect little “I love you” for that always-be-there helper you know.

  • A letter telling us that you see what we do and you appreciate us
  • A bold nail polish and some lotion for a self care minute
  • A hot bath with a glass of wine while you take care of the dishes/nightly routine
  • Our favorite treat to show us you were listening when we said we liked chocolate covered grapes
  • A coffee date where you make us do the talking
  • Seeds or bulbs for our favorite flowers
  • An essential oil roller with a signature blend you made for us
  • Something to support our hobby (a plant, some yarn, washi tape, etc.)
  • A pretty piece of bestie jewelry or piece engraved with your nickname for us

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