Reasons I Wore Lipstick This Month

Before the pandemic, a big part of my “signature style” included big earrings and lipstick. I enjoyed how they added some flare to a simple dress or blouse and jeans. Throw on some heels and I’d be ready for girls night out! And then the pandemic hit and now we wear masks everywhere. It took me almost a year to get over the inconvenience and put the big earrings back on. The lipstick has been harder but I determined this month to wear it again because I missed it! And I did get a few chances! So here’s my lipstick face.

This month was full of opportunity. With my birthday, Valentines Day and various celebrations in between, I had fun wearing it for everything! My good old Maybelline SuperStay was certainly the longest lasting. It helped me feel a little more like myself and it’s made me watch for more occasions to slide on a bold lip, even if it’s covered up with a mask.

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