Four Things

Four Things

Heeeeey! How is everybody? This week mark’s one year since the pandemic started. What a year it’s been too. But thinking back, I’m so grateful for the time that it gave Dearest Carl and I to slow down, talk about things and reconnect. It’s been good for us. Anyway, enough reminiscing. How was your week? Mine was really off. I had a massive headache Tuesday which put me behind but somehow I managed to catch up. We had Olive Garden on date night, complete with extra alfredo sauce, and I made a chocolate cake for a friend. And I wrote a LOT of words which is why you didn’t get a second blog post this week. Sorry about that. This weekend is full of birthday parties for Dearest Carl! It’s going to be so fun! What are you up to?

This trick

These scones

This article

This house

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