The Watkins At Home In March

Ummmm hello March 31st? How is it already the end of March!! We’ve been celebrating Dearest Carl’s 30th birthday all month, not to mention all the house projects and enjoying the sunshine. Here was our month.


This month has been all about house projects. Dearest Carl finished cutting the trim upstairs and we’ve been painting painting painting. Trim, doors, walls, all of it. We’re still not done but the upstairs hallway is lookin’ fiiiiiiiine. I made this date night game that’s been a fun option for date night. Last weekend, we started some outdoor work in the sunshine, clipping bushes and cleaning up the yard. And when I’m through baking for Easter festivities, I have a good list of spring cleaning to do.


This month we’ve been eating gooooooooood. I’ve been making all of Dearest Carl’s favorite things, not to mention all the birthday celebrations. We’ve had the classic family enchiladas, grilled chicken and I even tried to pan fry some steak. I made the Raspberry Roll cake above for a family Easter. Rolls might be my new favorite cakes! They are just enough cake for a family dinner with one slice or two leftover instead of half a layer cake.


Though it feels like months ago now, we began March by flying to Florida for a long weekend to celebrate Dearest Carl’s birthday! It was a complete surprise for him! We spent the better part of four days staying with friends in Tampa and it was just what we needed. Basking in the sun and saltwater, eating fresh seafood, strolling through the Disney outlet, I’m ready to go back already!

In other news, I watched The Paradise through again and we watched several war related movies since Dearest Carl was picking. I’m trying to get back into reading but I’m also really enjoying playing LEGO Harry Potter on my Switch! Oh and I’m still listening to the HP series too. And we started playing through Halo together, another Dearest Carl pick, though I can tell that I’m a little better at staying alive this time which makes it more fun!

This month we had a few birthday parties and we hosted Supper Club. We went to a Harry Potter themed birthday party for a friend’s daughter and dressed up with wands and all. We went to the movies for one of our date nights and took Mexican food to friends to meet their new baby girl. I wrote a lot and recorded some podcast episodes for Yet We Thrive (more on that in April!).

It’s been such a good month, celebrating Dearest Carl and watching spring come closer and closer. April looks like more house projects and hopefully packing and definitely a lot more grilling. Ready for full fledge spring!

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