The Watkins At Home In April

When there is snow in April, you can’t help but wave a hearty goodbye. With the fading flowers and warming temperatures, I’m ready for May! Let’s close out April.


In case you were wondering, yes we’re still painting. Or Dearest Carl is painting. We’ve just about finished upstairs and he’s been working on downstairs doors. We’ve mowed the yard a few times now and checked off several little house things off the list. I spring cleaned as well as I could and decluttered our kitchen cabinets. Other than that, it’s been a constant cleaning out paint brushes.


Lots of baking this month. The cake above was a lemon cake with strawberry buttercream that went to the in-laws for Easter dinner. I made another tart lemon cake for my friends. I also made a pistachio cake for the family birthday party we hosted. Lots of flour and sugar. Since the beginning of the month, we’ve been using Saturdays to bake and work on projects and then we grill for dinner! Chicken, shrimp, burgers, Dearest Carl is THE BEST at grilling and if it’s even possible, I look forward to Saturdays even more!


The picture above is about as real life as it gets. Sunday afternoon, playing video games together, the house a mess and me tired from social events. We started going to church in person again on Sundays which has been so so good. We went to a birthday party for a friend and I went to visit my cousin’s little homestead in southern Indiana. We had another appointment with our homeopathic practitioner and I had another round of jugs. I got to be a guest on a podcast with my friends and stroll through Half Price Books with my sisters. We played our video games and watched BBC mysteries. It’s been such a cozy and productive month all in one!

As we’re getting ready to jump into May, I’m hopeful that we’ll wrap up the painting projects as well as several other house projects and I’m so excited about a couple May weekends away. I already know it’s going to be full and good!

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